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Important Rules and Regulations

All our Rules, Regulations and Restrictions are contained within the 2021 Residents’ Handbook, found elsewhere on our website and clearly marked. The following are important rules, frequently encountered. If you have any questions or need clarification, contact our community managers at The Dartmouth Group at (781) 275-3133.


1.     All Residents are strongly encouraged to park in their driveways and to encourage others to do the same.

2.     All street parking is regulated by a parking management system and valid credentials are required. See a description of this system below.

3.     All vehicles lacking properly issued on-street tags must be parked in driveways. No parking is allowed on homeowner lawns, vacant undeveloped lots or on the sidewalk.

4.     All vehicles parked on Naushop streets must have current motor vehicle registration tags (license plates) and be in good working order with no excessive leaking of fluids. Any cars parking on Naushop streets between 11PM and 7AM without proper credentials displayed will receive one warning. After such a warning, cars may be booted or towed, and the owner fined according to the Association’s schedule of fines

5.     Vehicles parked in restricted areas or in violation of posted signage and/or deemed to create a safety hazard will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense without warning at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

6.     All Residents and their guests must park so as not to interfere with the access, ingress and egress of the roadways or any driveways of other residents.

7.     Parking is only permitted on the posted side of the streets, on paved areas. Vehicles must not be parked in front of hydrants or driveways, nor may vehicles be parked on walkways, sidewalks or grassed areas. All drivers must travel and park in accordance with the designated one-way street directions. No parking is allowed on the inside of cul-de-sacs, nor along the curved curbing of intersections.

8.     During times of declared snow emergencies or other periods when road work is being accomplished, street parking may be suspended at the direction of the HOA Board of Trustees. In such as event, the home owner, resident, or guest must be prepared to move their vehicle(s) to off street parking immediately or have their caretakers do so. Vehicles not moved will be subject to towing at the owner's expense, booting and/or fining at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

9.     Commercial vehicles, campers, trailers, and boats shall not be parked on any road, or in any driveway, or on any lot, (whether or not the lot is developed). Boats and trailers may be kept in fully enclosed garages. In the off-season only, homeowners of homes undergoing major renovations may apply for a permit authorizing the temporary overnight parking of a construction vehicle to be parked in their driveway. The issuance of such authorizations will be made on a case-by-case basis, and the decision of the Trustees shall be final. Dumpsters are covered by the separate Dumpster Policy. Cars, individual small pickup trucks, or vans may bear commercial signs if they are less than 250 square inches and may be parked in a driveway. Other commercial vehicles prohibited.

10.     Individual small pickups or vans bearing commercial signs less than 250 square inches may be parked in the homeowner’s driveway.

11.     Any repair or maintenance of motor vehicles on the roads is expressly prohibited.

12.     Owners will be responsible for the remediation or cost of repair of any damage caused to roads, curbs, and sidewalks by a homeowner, tenant, guest or that of a homeowner’s contractor.

13.     FINES AND OTHER PENALTIES: Vehicles found in violations of these Regulations will be ticketed, and fines will be assessed in accordance with the Schedule of Fines. In addition, the Trustees reserve the right to tow, boot, or barnacle any vehicle (a) in accordance with the Schedule of Fines, and (b) upon the occurrence of the abandonment or neglect of a vehicle, the violation of an emergency parking ban, the failure to pay parking fines, the blockage of a driveway, or the blockage of an emergency access zone.


Overnight on-street parking in Naushop is managed by an automated system called ParkingBoss. Owners have received information regarding this system and may contact The Dartmouth Group with questions or concerns

Implementation of ParkingBoss is in two phases

Phase One Overview (Effective NOW):

  1. On-street parking remains on a first-come/as-available basis; there are no reserved or assigned parking spaces on the street.
  2. Only the most current yellow Naushop hang-tags will be valid. These tags are required in any vehicle parked overnight on Naushop streets, in addition to a blue Resident decal.
  3. The Resident decals become valid only after you properly register them. Registration questions may be directed to The Dartmouth Group.
  4. Naushop Owner vehicle registration will be managed via a smartphone-accessed parking management system called ParkingBoss.
  5. Any vehicle you wish to park overnight on a Naushop street must display a blue decal in addition to a yellow hang-tag. These are specifically registered to vehicles/owners and not subject to transfer
  6. Overnight street parking will be policed. Vehicles not displaying valid credentials will be ticketed or towed.
  7. Owners and guests receiving tickets will be denied access to all amenities until fines are paid and/or proper vehicle registration is made.
  8. Long-term renters/guests (resident in Naushop more than 31 consecutive days) must register their vehicles and will be handled as if they are owner vehicles; an Owner on-street tag will be required to park on the street and these cars will count against the Owner’s on-street parking limits. You must identify long-term renters to The Dartmouth Group and provide a copy of the lease.
  9. We have signed a contract for towing and storage of non-compliant cars. Violations will result in a tow and third-party storage at the vehicle owner’s expense. The regulations regarding the imposition and amount of fines and the resort to towing are published in our Resident Handbook, available on our website.

Phase Two Overview (Spring 2021):

  1. Phase Two represents the implementation of a guest parking registration process. Guests must register their vehicles for on-street overnight parking only if used. Guests may always park off the street overnight without registering in the parking system, ParkingBoss.
  2. All non-Owner (renter/guest) cars must be registered electronically with ParkingBoss, using a specific passcode for the home where the renter/guest is staying. These passcodes were distributed in 2020 and should an owner have questions, please contact The Dartmouth Group.


  1. Owners must register all vehicles operated within Naushop every year. The Dartmouth Group will assist in this process. A “Resident” decal will be issued to each vehicle.
  2. Owners have been issued yellow hang-tags according to new rules. To be parked on the street, an owner’s car must display both its blue Naushop Resident decal and a yellow hang-tag.
  3. All prior parking decals and hang-tags are now invalid and the new yellow hang-tags may be moved only among the registered cars of that Owner and not among guests or renters. Violations will result in a fine levied against the Owner. The registration decals and the hang-tags will have QR (scan) codes that will connect the car and the hang tag to an address.
  4. Each Owner is entitled to obtain one (1) no-charge on-street tag, associated with their street address. This will be sent to you by The Dartmouth Group.
  5. Owners identified by the Board to have only one driveway space are entitled to a 2nd on-street tag.
  6. Condominium/duplex Owners are entitled to one (1) no-charge on-street hang-tag only.
  7. Owners of lots on which no house is built are entitled to one (1) additional no-charge on-street hangtag, but no guest tags for that lot.
  8. Additional on-street hang-tags may be purchased for $1,000 per year for the first additional hang-tag and $2,000 per year for the 2nd second additional
  9. No more than two (2) purchased additional on-street tags will be issued to any Owner; however, an Owner may forfeit the right to all guest tags for their developed lot in exchange for a single additional no charge on-street tag. No on-street guest parking for that property would be permitted and violators will be cited.


  1. In order to park on the street, renters or overnight guests of Owners must obtain a no-charge temporary parking permit valid for not more than two (2) weeks (but which may be renewed).
  2. Guest permits are only issued against an Owner’s residence. Each homeowner has been issued a unique short passcode which the guest pass applicant must enter when making their electronic application for a guest pass. The digital scan code and short passcode are displayed on a magnetic card that was delivered to every Owner in 2020. It is advised to be kept available in your homes.
  3. Guest permits will be electronic, generated and maintained in the smartphone app; there is no guest pass hand tag or decal. Because of the way guest passes are requested and issued electronically, we will have constant access to an up-to-the-minute list of all issued and valid guest passes.
  4. The parking management system allows remote registration via the smartphone app, using a digital (QR) scan code found on new signage the Association will erect throughout Naushop. Guests will enter their name, car license plate (aka, “tag”) number and the address where they are staying in the app, along with an address-unique passcode (distributed to all owners in 2020) that will associate the car with the address.
  5. No guest permits will be issued for lots without a home on them
  6. Additional renter/guest permits are issued according to the current regulations, to a unique vehicle and are not transferrable
  7. Owners of single-family homes may have no more than two no-charge guest permits outstanding at any one time; the ParkingBoss system will deny the issuance of permits in excess of the maximum allowable. Condominium and duplex owners are entitled to no more than one no-charge guest permit. One additional guest permit, valid for a maximum of two weeks, may be purchased by the Renter for $100 through the ParkingBoss system.
  8. The on-site manager and his team will be available to assist guests and enforce these rules.

Contractor Guidelines

  • The Rules and Regulations of Naushop prohibit use of outside construction and gardening equipment at certain times; please refer to these rules when you schedule construction work and lawn maintenance. As a homeowner, you are responsible for communicating these rules to your contractors.
  • Exterior construction activity and the use of machinery and equipment and garden tools, including power hedge clippers and lawn mowers, is restricted to the hours of 8:00 A.M. until 5:30 P.M. Monday through Friday and 9:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. on Saturdays. No work shall be performed on the exterior of Naushop homes outside of these permitted hours or on Sundays and Holidays.
  • Leaf blowers may not be used in Community Areas at any time (See Landscaper Noise Abatement Rules in the Residents’ Handbook).
  • No Building Lot Owners shall allow his contractors to interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other residents, including the right of quiet enjoyment of their property.
  • Contractor Hours Policy - A $250 fine will be incurred by the homeowner for a violation following notification that a contractor has failed to promptly comply with the permitted work hours. Failure to pay fines will subject the homeowner to loss of privileges and/or other legal action. Please note these fines will be levied against the homeowner, not the contractor, so we encourage you all to ensure those you hire agree to abide by the permitted work hours policy. Please see the Schedule of Fines, which supersedes any amounts shown above.

Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact the Site Manager, Alan Burney at 508-325-4988.
Thank you for your cooperation in abiding with these rules and regulations.

Snow Emergency

When the Trustees deem a snow emergency to be in effect, or when declared by the Town, County or State, all parking on any street of Naushop is prohibited. This ban is irrespective of any type of parking decal or permit, whether temporary or permanent, including handicap parking decals. The ban overrides all other parking regulations and signage as may exist within Naushop and/or published within the Owner's Handbook. Owners' and all other vehicles must be removed from the street every night during the banned hours. Naushop will post signs at the entrance to Goldfinch Drive when such an emergency exists. To facilitate adherence to the ban, the Naushop Trust recommends that Owners park their vehicles in their driveway for the duration of any seasonal or travel absence. Failure to follow parking ban restrictions will result in ticketing for violation and/or towing of the vehicle at the owner's expense.